What is Ladies In Blues?

“Ladies In Blues” is an annual musical performance featuring some of Atlantic Canada’s top female performers. The event provides a showcase for their talents, creativity and their original works.

Ladies In Blues, as an organization, is comprised of music industry professionals to promote women in the arts and music: providing opportunities to develop, market and showcase their talent.

Atlantic Canada's Top Female Blues Performers

On March 11th 1999 the first Ladies In Blues took place at Hallifax's Lord Nelson Hotel playing to a sold out crowd of very appreciative fans. It was an amazing evening and a wonderful time in my life, with Shirley Jackson, Doris Mason, Lela Cole and Krisanne Crowell, Pam Marsh and Myself all singing up a storm. I didn’t want it to end, and so we have had a great 10 years of different ladies in different places but with the same theme. Paying tribute to some of the great female singers in blues and jazz and showcasing the talent our women songwriters of Atlantic Canada. A heartfelt thank you to Shirley, Krisanne, Pam and Lela who have been with me through almost all the LIB shows.

- Eileen Joyce Harvey
from the liner notes of the 10th anniversary compilation CD